DiffMerge 1.0

This program compares files/folders and syncronizes them (See all)

DiffMerge is a powerful application designed to help us compare our files or whole folders. Using this program, we can find out if compared files are identical or not; not only that, the program also shows the difference/s between the selected files. It is possible to copy the content from one file/folder to the other - this synchronization option gives us the opportunity to transfer our daily work from one computer to another, from portable devices to the home computer, or between any other machines. We can also print the documents, search for expressions, compare files in text or binary mode, choose among several comparison methods, set colors and fonts, etc. A great advantage is that there is a huge list of code pages for us to set the most appropriate one. We can have several windows opened at a time, and easily return to previously compared files/folders. The fully functional version of this program can be tried free of charge for a whole month. In general, I think this utility can help us improve our productivity at a very affordable price.

Review summary


  • Many codepages are supported
  • Free trial
  • Quick comparison
  • Many hotkeys


  • Although it supports many codepages, the program itself is only available in English
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